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BOAT CLUB, ALLAHABAD DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Boat Club is situated at the Bank of river YAMUNA about 10 Km. East of Airport and 4 Km. South-East of Railway Station, Allahabad. Boat Club Complex is double storeyed, situated in between two bridges of river YAMUNA called Yamuna Bank Road, Allahabad. Boat club provides Water Sports equipments like Skeeing, Parasailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Wind Surfing Enterprise, Yachting Boat, Optimist Sailing, Water Snookering, Shallow Water Driving with single cylinder, Joy-Rafting with inflatable Rubber Boat and Water-Scootering facilities to its members and visiters Boat Club has three speed boats, two Water Scooters, one Cruise Boat, twelve Four-Seater Paddle Boats and one inflatable Rubber Boat. The detailed information is as follows : - (A) Speed Boat GANGA :- The Petrol Driven GANGA speed boat is capable of accommodating 20 members. This boat is driven by an out board motor of 75 Horse Power. Boat has also been provided with a changing room. Seating arrangements are of Sofa/ Cushion type with an attractive Centre Table. Most reasonable charge /fare is Rs.2,000/- per hour for the full boat which is having a canopy for shelter /shade. (B) Speed Boat SARASWATI:- This boat is also petrol driven boat run by 50 Horse-Power out board motor. This boat is Ten Seater which has no Canopy, hence the boat is most reasonable for sports and video recording /photography. Fare is Rs.1,500/- per hour. (C) Speed Boat TRIVENI : - This boat is six seater speed boat fitted with sofa set for all passengers. Boat is driven by 40 Horse Power out board motor (Petrol). It has been facilitated with canopy. The fare is Rs.1, 200/- per hour. (D) Cruise Boat YAMUNA:- This boat is Diesel driven 16 seater cruise Boat. The Boat has been provided with a changing room and canopy. The fare of this boat is Rs.500/- per hour. (E) Water Scooters:- Boat Club has two water Scooters. Each Water Scooter is capable of carrying 2 person (one driver + one tourist) which is run by an out boat motor of 9.9 horse power Rs.300/- is the fare for SANGAM to and fro. (F) Four Seater Paddle Boats : - Boat Club has 12 paddle Boats with positive buoyancy tanks. Fare for every 30 minutes is Rs.40/- for four persons. (G) Inflatable Rubber Boat:- This boat is six seater, mainly used for life saving purposes during emergency and water sports championships. This Boat can be moved by an out Board Motor of 9.9 Horse Power or can also be pulled easily by the Pedals. Fare for SANGAM both way is Rs.100/- per person. (H) Life Saving Appliances: - Boat club provides life jackets to all passengers enjoying Speed Boats, Cruise Boat, Water Scooter and also Paddle Boats free of charge. Speed Boats have also been provided with life buoys and a life raft in the Cruise Boat in addition to life jackets for each person. 100% SAFETY IS ENSURED TO ALL TOURISTS COMING TO BOAT CLUB, ALLAHABAD .

Know more about water sports accessories

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