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Rules and Regulations of Development Authority

The Objects of Authority
The objects of the Authority shall be to promote and secure the development of the development area according to the plan and for that purpose the Authority shall have the power to acquire, hold, manage and dispose of land and other property, to carry out building, engineering, mining and other operations, to execute work in connection of supply of water and electricity, to dispose of sewage and to provide and maintain other services and amenities and generally to do anything necessary to expedient for purpose of such development and for purpose of incidental thereto: Provided that save as provided in the U.P. Urban Planning and Development act nothing contained in this Act shall be construed as authorizing the disregard by the Authority of any law for the time being in force.
The Rules and Acts
The function of the Authority is governed by:
  1. Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act 1973
  2. Development Fees Rules 2014
  3. Land use Conversion Rules 2014
  4. Building By-laws (2008) Draft
  5. Compounding Bye Rules 2009
  6. Allotment rules and regulations
  7. UP Apartment Act
  8. Awas Neeti-2008
  9. Master Plan-2021
  10. B4 Zonal Plan

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