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News & Events

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Press Vigyapti 28-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 29-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 27-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 24-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 23-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 22-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 21-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 20-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 19-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 16-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 15-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 14-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 13-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 12-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 09-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 08-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 07-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 05-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 06-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 02-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 03-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 01-06-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 30-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 29-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 27-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 26-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 25-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 24-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 23-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 22-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 19-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 18-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 17-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 12-05-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 15-05-2017 Details
Press_Vigyapti_06_05_2017_a Details
Press_Vigyapti_06_05_2017_b Details
Press Vigyapti 27-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 19-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 20-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 25-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 03-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 06-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 07-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 10-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti-1 01-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti-2 01-04-2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 28_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 25_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 08_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 09_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 10_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 16_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 23_03_2017 Details
Press Vigyapti 24_03_2017 Details
Press Release 10_02_2017 Details
Press Release 14_02_2017 Details
Press Release 15_02_2017 Details
News release 04_01_2017 Details
News release 07_&_08_01_2017 Details
Paper News Dated 19_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 24_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 25_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 26_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 08_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 10&11&12&13_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 16_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 02_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 03_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 04_&_05_12_2016 Details
Paper News Dated 06_&_07_12_2016 Details
Paper_news 20.11.16 and 21.11.16 Details
Paper_News 19.11.16 Details
Paper_News dated 2.11.16 and 3.11.16 Details
Paper_News dated 5.11.16 Details
Paper_News dated 7.11.16 Details
Paper_News 9.11.16 Details
Paper_News 10.11.16 Details
Paper_News 11.11.16 Details
Paper_News 12.11.16 and 13.11.16 Details
Paper_News 17.11.16 Details
Paper_News 18.11.16 Details
Press_Release 21.10.16 Details
Paper_news 22.10.16 Details
Paper_news 23.10.16 and 24.10.16 Details
Paper_News 19.10.16 Details
Press_Release 19.10.16 Details
Paper_News 20.10.16 Details
Press_Release and Paper_News 14.10.16 Details
Paper_News 15.10.16 Details
Paper_News 16.10.16 and 17.10.16 Details
Paper_News 13-10-16 Details
Paper_News 13.10.16 Details
Paper_News 4.10.16 Details
Press_Release and Paper_News 5.10.16 Details
Press_Release and Paper_News 6.10.16 Details
Press_Release and Paper_News 7.10.16 Details
Paper_News 8.10.16 and 9.10.16 Details
Paper_News september 22,2016 Details
Press_Release september 22,2016 Details
Paper_News september 23,2016 Details
Paper_News september 24,2016 Details
Paper_News september 26,2016 Details
Press_Release september 27,2016 Details
Paper_News september 27,2016 Details
Paper_News september 28,2016 Details
Press_Release September 28,2016 Details
Paper_news september 12,2016 Details
Press_Release September 15,2016 Details
Paper_News September 16,2016 Details
Press_Release September 16,2016 Details
Paper_News September 18,2016 Details
Press_Release September 19,2016 Details
Paper_News September 20,2016 Details
Press_Release September 20,2016 Details
Paper_News September 21,2016 Details
Press_ Release and Paper_News septembe,1,2016 Details
Press_ Release and Paper_News september,2,2016 Details
Paper_News september,3,2016 Details
Press_Release september,5,2016 Details
Paper_News september,5,2016 Details
Press_Release september,6,2016 Details
Paper_News september,6,2016 Details
Press_Release september,7,2016 Details
Paper_News september,7,2016 Details
Press_Release september,8,2016 Details
Paper_News september,8,2016 Details
Press_Release september,9,2016 Details
Paper_News september,9,2016 Details
Paper_news of august 26,2016 Details
Paper_news of august 27,2016 Details
Press_release and Paper_news of august 29,2016 Details
Paper_news of august 30,2016 Details
Press_Release of August 17,2016 Details
Paper_News of August 4, 2016 Details
Paper_News of August 2, 2016 Details
Paper_News of August 3, 2016 Details
Paper_News of August 7, 2016 Details
Paper_News of August 5, 2016 Details
Paper_News of August 10, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 1, 2016 (1) Details
Press_Release August 1,2016 (2) Details
Press_Release August 2, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 3, 2016 (1) Details
Press_Release August 3, 2016 (2) Details
Press_Release August 4, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 5, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 6, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 8, 2016 Details
Press_Release August 9, 2016(2) Details
Very Economical Flats Details
New duties and responsibilities assigned to ADA officers Details
ADA to beautify two important city crossings soon Details
Proposal for approval of layout of Omaxe is cleared by ADA board with certain riders. Details
Registration open for Low cost Apartment cost 2.20 lacs to 3.13 lacs Details
The ADA is converting all paper forms to PDF Details
Happy Deepawali Details
Eid Mubarak-Subh Navaratri Details
Buy Standard Map Details
Our aim is to Details
Group housing plots for auction FAR 1.5,Ground coverage 35% Details
FAR and Ground Coverage likely to be increased Details
Indian Army to plant 10000 and GHS student to plant 1500 saplings with help of ADA Details
Vice Chairman allows contractors of P.W.D,CPWD,MES and other Development Authorities to participate in bidding to improve pace of development activities Details
ADA distributed 1500 plants to student of MV Convent College on 30-7-2008 Details
See notification for Lottery Result- NavPrayagam Housing Scheme Details
GHS student to plant 1500 saplings with help of ADA Details
MV Convent student to plant 1500 saplings on 30-7-2008 Details
Indian Army to plant 10000 plant with the help of ADA Details
Notice for Unsuccessful applicant-Nav Prayagam Details
Attention Schools and Colleges Management-Contact for free plants-9450916969 Details
Lottory of Nav Prayagam Housing Scheme to be held on 2-7-08 at 11.0 AM at ADA Premises Details
3000 Sheets of paper cost us a tree.Lets conserve nature Details
If you fall, fall like seed to germinate, not like leaf to die........ Details
Quotation Notice for water sports appliances Details
Approved standard maps will soon be available online Details
Registry Camp on 30-5-2008 at Committee Hal of ADA Details
Auction of builtup Space for running restaurent at Boat Club,Allahabad Details
Membership for boat club opened for General Public Details
Board meeting of Aurhority on 5-04-08 Details
Two hundred 2BR and 3BR flats proposed at Nirula Road Details
Happy Holi-Eid-Good Friday to all the visiters Details
Suggestion invited on ''APARTMENT ACT" Details
New housing policy 2007 Details
View settelite images of Allahabad/Prayag Details
New website of Allahabad Development Authority launched Details
New website launched on 19th Dec, 07 Details
We are determined to solve your grievance Details
100% plantation target achived Details
Backlog cleared Details
Automation project in progress Details
New website designed and developed by IIIT Allahabad Details
More schemes to be launched soon Details
Paper News of August 11, 2016 Details
Press_Release and Paper_News of september 1, 2016 Details

Online Application for 'ADA SCHEMES'

News & Events

Press Vigyapti 20_07_2017Press Vigyapti 20_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 19_07_2017Press Vigyapti 19_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 18_07_2017Press Vigyapti 18_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 17_07_2017Press Vigyapti 17_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 15_07_2017Press Vigyapti 15_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 14_07_2017Press Vigyapti 14_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 13_07_2017Press Vigyapti 13_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 12_07_2017Press Vigyapti 12_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 11_07_2017Press Vigyapti 11_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 10_07_2017Press Vigyapti 10_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 07_07_2017Press Vigyapti 07_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 06_07_2017Press Vigyapti 06_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 05_07_2017Press Vigyapti 05_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 04_07_2017Press Vigyapti 04_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 03_07_2017Press Vigyapti 03_07_2017
Press Vigyapti 01_07_2017 Press Vigyapti 01_07_2017

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